Anderson, SC - Earlier today, Tabitha Roberts, Brandon Davis, and Wesley Malmister were all sentenced for their roles in an Attempted Armed Robbery that resulted in the death of the victim, Justin Ray Williams, and fellow perpetrator of the Attempted Robbery, Casey Waddell, in January of 2016.  The Honorable R. Scott Sprouse sentenced both Malmister and Roberts to 25 years in jail for each of 2 counts of Voluntary Manslaughter and 20 years for Attempted Armed Robbery, all to be served concurrently.  Davis was sentenced to 20 years in jail apiece for 2 counts of Voluntary Manslaughter and 20 years for Attempted Armed Robbery, all to be served concurrently.  Yesterday, Judge Sprouse handed down a 50 year jail sentence to the fourth co-defendant, Randall “Randy” Simpson on charges of Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Possession of a Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime, and Attempted Armed Robbery.  Special Prosecutor Lucas Marchant, with the Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, represented the State today during the sentencing of Roberts, Davis, and Malmister. 


Following the sentencing, Solicitor David Wagner said:  “I am very pleased to see these sentences, and I hope the justice served today will bring some comfort to the grieving families of those whose lives were lost during this violent encounter.” 


On January 9, 2016, around 12:30 AM at Pierce Road and Amy Road in Iva, Justin Ray Williams was the victim of an Attempted Robbery perpetrated by Casey Waddell, Tabitha Roberts, Brandon Davis, Wesley Malmister and Randy Simpson.  Roberts, Waddell, Simpson and Malmister had discussed robbing Mr. Williams of drugs they believed were in his possession.  Waddell directed Roberts to call the victim and set up a purchase of methamphetamine at the victim’s residence where they then proceeded, all armed with various firearms.  Along the way, they picked up Brandon Davis.  Davis also armed himself with a firearm.  When they reached Williams’ residence, Roberts got out of the vehicle and went inside the trailer to ensure that he was alone. Waddell, Malmister, Davis and Simpson all exited the vehicle and proceeded to the victim’s home.  While armed with an assault rifle, Waddell jerked the door open, moved past Roberts and demanded that Williams “give it up”.  Williams was armed with a handgun and fired one shot striking Waddell in the head resulting in his death.  Randall Simpson then approached and entered the residence and shot Williams 5 times, with some of the shots penetrating his heart and lungs. He died as a result of those injuries. Roberts, Malmister and Simpson all fled the scene.  Davis ran into the woods and was picked up at a later time.  Following the investigation of this incident by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Roberts, Davis and Malmister gave full confessions to the investigating officer and the Solicitor’s Office.