July 15, 2013

(ANDERSON, SC). Frankie Hugh Brooks, Jr. pled guilty in Anderson County General Sessions Court to multiple charges. The Honorable Lawton McIntosh sentenced the defendant to the maximum on each of the following: 20 years for Carjacking; 5 years each on two counts of Grand Larceny, 5 years each on two counts of Possession of Stolen Goods, and 3 years on Failure to Stop for Blue Light. All sentences are to be served concurrently. 


On the night of October 7, 2012, at approximately 10:30 p.m. Frankie Hugh Brooks, Jr. approached the victim at the Spinx station in Powdersville. After striking up a conversation with the victim, Brooks pulled out a 38 caliber revolver, taking the victim’s vehicle and cellphone. The vehicle was reported stolen immediately. Law enforcement later observed the car and activated the blue lights. The defendant sped away at speeds of over 100 mph. The chase came to a stop when the defendant wrecked the vehicle. The defendant was later apprehended with the assistance of tracking dogs.  


The Possession of Stolen Goods and Grand Larceny charges were all in relation to crimes committed during the period of October and November of 2011 in the Powdersville area.  


“The maximum sentence was well deserved in light of the circumstances of this crime,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “Fortunately, the victim escaped unharmed and law enforcement quickly apprehended the defendant before anyone else in the community was put in danger.  With a twenty year prison sentence before him, the defendant will no longer be a threat to the citizens of Anderson.”


June 26, 2013


(Walhalla, SC). An Oconee County jury found Gregory Lee Murphy guilty today of Distribution of Methamphetamines, 2nd offense. The Honorable Alex Macaulay sentenced Murphy to 25 years suspended on the service of 90 months followed by 5 years probation.


On August 8, 2012, Murphy sold methamphetamine to an undercover informant operating at the direction of the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office. The sale took place at a home on Durham Brown Road in the Friendship community of Oconee County. The entire transaction was captured on digital video with audio and was shown to the jury as evidence at trial. Murphy had previously been convicted of possession of methamphetamines in 2004.


“Meth is a highly addictive and destructive drug,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “Combating the distribution of meth in our community is an important priority and today’s guilty verdict will help in that effort by putting a repeated drug offender in prison.  This verdict means there is now one less source in Oconee for criminals to buy meth.”


June 24, 2013


(Anderson, SC). Travon Mack-Haymond pled guilty today in Anderson General Sessions court to Voluntary Manslaughter in the death of Yusef Jenkins in 2011. The Honorable Cordell Maddox sentenced the defendant to 15 years in prison.


On March 25, 2011 Travon Mack-Haymond was visiting Pamela Brownlee’s residence at her invitation. Yusef Jenkins came to the residence of Ms. Brownlee, the mother of one of his children. Witnesses stated that Jenkins and Mack-Haymond argued and Jenkins punched the defendant in the face. Mack-Haymond then pulled a 9 mm handgun and shot Jenkins 5 times resulting in Mr. Jenkins’ death.


“The death of Yusef Jenkins was a tragedy that greatly impacted the lives of his family members. They expressed this to me when we met with them and to the Judge today during sentencing,” stated Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “The decision to allow Travon Mack-Haymond to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter with a 15 year prison sentence came only after a thorough review of all the facts of the case, the evidence, witness statements and the autopsy results. We feel that the facts and circumstances support the state’s negotiation results. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of Yusef Jenkins.”


June 6, 2013

(Anderson, SC). Raymondeze Rivera was sentenced to life in prison today by the Honorable Lawton McIntosh for the murder of Kwana Burns in December of 2006. Rivera was convicted in 2008 for the murder of Asha Wiley and was tried in 2010 for the murder of Kwana Burns. The conviction in the 2010 case was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year.  


Raymondeze Rivera is a violent and dangerous man who has shown no remorse for his crimes,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “It is disappointing that a South Carolina Supreme Court poverturned Rivera’s previous death penalty conviction.  I am confident that if we took this case to trial again, we would secure another death penalty verdict.  Many factors, however, go in to the decision of whether or not to proceed with a new trial and our primary concern is what is best for the victim’s family.  After lengthy discussions with the family, we have mutually agreed that the emotional burden of a new trial would be too great and the best course is a guilty plea that ensures Rivera will never again be a free man.  It is my hope that today’s plea will help the family to continue to heal from the loss of Kwana Burns and keep them from having to ever again see the inside of a courtroom.”