August 2, 2012

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ANDERSON, SC. Charges against Irving “Ernie” Ramirez in relation to the homicides of Homer and JoAnn Staton in October of 2009 have been dismissed.  Ramirez, along with Matthew Fullbright, was charged by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office with two counts of murder, two counts of armed robbery and conspiracy to commit the crimes.   Matthew Fullbright was convicted of these heinous crimes on January 27, 2012 and is presently serving consecutive life sentences. 


Ramirez’ arrest was based solely on the written confession of Matthew Fullbright.  At Fullbright’s trial, investigators with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office testified that Fullbright’s confession as it relates to Ramirez’ involvement in the robbery and murders could not be proven.  In fact, the evidence obtained from phone records proved that Ramirez was not involved in the murders.   Also, no physical evidence exists to tie Ramirez in any way to these crimes.   Ramirez has provided written statements denying any knowledge and/or involvement in these crimes and all evidence supports his claim.  The evidence points to Matthew Fullbright acting alone when he robbed and murdered Homer and JoAnn Staton.  Therefore, the charges against Irving “Ernie” Ramirez have been dismissed.   





July 17, 2012

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. Mitchell Allan Guigou pleaded guilty today in Anderson General Sessions Court to Voluntary Manslaughter and Arson 3rd Degree. The Honorable Lawton McIntosh sentenced him to twenty-five years for the voluntary manslaughter and fifteen years concurrent for the arson.


On or about April 15, 2011, the defendant and his girlfriend, Allison Pinsley, got into a verbal altercation which escalated into a physical altercation. Guigou began to hit Ms. Pinsley with a stick. He then put a trash bag over her head and tied it around her neck with an extension cord; looping it over a bedpost to restrain her. The defendant then began selling items from the home and smoking crack.  Guigou then set fire to the trailer and jumped out of a bedroom window, leaving Ms. Pinsley’s body inside. Cause of death for Ms. Pinsley was determined to be asphyxia due to smothering and ligature strangulation.


“Mr. Guigou’s brutal altercation with Ms. Pinsley is a horrific example of domestic violence in our community,” said Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “We discussed the plea with the victim’s family, and today’s sentence will save them from the ordeal of a trial while also putting the defendant in prison for most if not all of his natural life.” 





May 24, 2012

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. Branden Newton pled guilty today in Anderson General Sessions Court to Unlawful Conduct toward a Child. The Honorable Alex Macaulay sentenced Newton to 10 years suspended to 6 months home incarceration and 5 years probation. Newton will be placed on the Child Abuse Central Registry.


On April 21, 2010, EMS responded to 119 Jacob Road in Anderson to a call regarding an injured 5-month old baby. Branden Newton told responders that the child had fallen off the couch onto a carpeted floor. The defendant refused EMS transport to the hospital, but later admitted the child to AnMed Hospital. X-rays revealed 2 separate skull fractures as well as partially healed fractures from two prior incidents.  Once confronted by investigators that skull fractures do not occur from a fall from a couch, Newton changed his story and claimed that the infant fell from a counter in the kitchen onto a linoleum floor.  A child abuse expert who examined the child stated that the skull fractures this infant received would also not result from a fall from a kitchen counter. 


SLED was called in to investigate the case since Newton was employed as a 911 dispatcher for Anderson County.  The infant was examined by a child abuse expert in Columbia who stated that the injuries the child had sustained were consistent with abuse and that these injuries would not have resulted from either a fall from a couch or from a fall from a kitchen counter.


“The abuse Mr. Newton inflicted upon this helpless infant, coupled with his repeated attempts to cover up the truth in order to avoid responsibility when confronted by law enforcement, are reprehensible,” stated Solicitor Chrissy Adams.  “We are very disappointed in today’s sentence.  The defendant’s actions called for an active prison sentence as the State requested.”


 May 22, 2012 


Twenty-two year old Daryl Newton pled guilty today in Anderson General Sessions Court to Voluntary Manslaughter and Armed Robbery from two separate incidents in 2010. The Honorable Alex Macaulay sentenced Newton to 25 years in prison.  


On August 24, 2010, Daryl Newton, and a co-defendant approached 2 victims in the Bi-Lo parking lot on Hwy 153 in Anderson County, pointed a gun at them and demanded their money and cell phones.   


On September 1, 2010, Newton shot and killed Josh Maness in Anderson during a confrontation at Maness’ home. The two had met earlier in the day when the victim wanted to buy some marijuana from the defendant. The defendant went to the victim’s house later to rob him.  Newton was arrested on September 2nd and charge with killing Maness and also the Armed Robbery which took place on August 24th 


The armed robbery victims were able to pick Newton out of a photo line-up.  The Defendant gave a full confession to both crimes.